A workshop offered over the World Wide Web

Carol Scheftic

This is a web-based version of a workshop held in June 1996 at the Geometry Center at the University of Minnesota.

NEW SCHEDULE (as of May 1997)

July 14 - August 1 Registration Form Apply by June 4.

The participants in this workshop will work together over the internet to discuss and learn about:

For more information on the content of the course, see the preliminary syllabus or contact Carol Scheftic.

Technical Requirements: These workshops will enable individuals to participate in professional development activities from their computers at home or in school. All that is required is access to:

It is also strongly recommended that participants have read / write access to their local web server, or at least the ability to telnet to a server that will be made available, temporarily, during the course.

Materials: Prior to the course, participants will be instructed to download and install some publicly-available software tools. Some readings may be distributed, at cost, through the U.S. Mail. During the course, the world wide web and electronic mail will be used for assignments and discussions.

Certificates / Credit: Each participant who satisfactorily completes the work of the course will receive a Certificate of Completion.

There is a possibility that participants could, for an additional fee, receive University of Minnesota credit for this course. If you are interested in this option, please contact Carol Scheftic as soon as possible.

Workshop Size: Each workshop will be limited to 25 participants to ensure full interactivity. Priority will be given to groups of two or more participants from a single site; however, others are welcome if enrollment permits.

This workshop is sponsored jointly by the MAA Committee on Professional Development and the MAA Committee on Computers in Mathematics Education. The Mathematical Association of America is also planning other professional development workshops to be delivered over the World Wide Web.

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