Presenting Mathematical Concepts on the World Wide Web
Preliminary Syllabus

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1997 Course Dates

Preliminary Course Description

The workshop will provide both a comprehensive survey and plenty of hands-on experience in using the World-Wide Web to communicate mathematical ideas at all levels, from research results to educational materials. It will include:

Technical Requirements:

The minimum requirements for participation are: Participants who choose to work on server-side interactive mathematics activities will also need to have read / write access to their local web server (not just their own local directory). Alternatively, participants with telnet capabilities will be able to obtain temporary access to a web server that will be made available to practice such activities during the course.

Intended Audience:

This workshop is intended for faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students in mathematics, or others with responsibility for developing and maintaining web sites that include mathematical content. There will be a maximum of 25 participants per session and priority will be given to groups of two or more from a single site; however, others are welcome if enrollment permits.

Participants should have a basic familiarity with computers and their use, and experience in using one or more of the most common pieces of editing software. While we do not assume that participants will have extensive experience with HTML-coding prior to the workshop, you should at least know how to use the View Document Source feature of your browser and be able to read and understand a few of the more basic codes (e.g., headings, ordered and unordered lists, paragraphs and breaks).

Additional Considerations:

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