Main Panel: Compute Orbit I.C.'s Button

This button invokes the differential corrections scheme algorithm to find the actual initial conditions of a periodic orbit around the selected libration point using the seed initial conditions on the left side of the panel under "Differential Corrections Scheme Seed". The actual initial conditions found by the algorithm are then displayed on the right side of the panel under "Differential Corrections Scheme Result". The seed and result fields are shown below, along with the corresponding fields which display the period of the seed and actual orbits.

There are 3 basic methods for providing seed initial conditions:

  1. Enter a desired approximate Z amplitude in the Approximate Radius of Desired Orbit field

    and press the Compute Seed button

  2. Enter the seed initial conditions into the appropriate fields manually

  3. Copy the actual initial conditions computed by the last press of the Compute Orbit I.C.'s Button by pressing the Copy Result to Seed button

    then increment/decrement the amplitude z(0) slightly to produce a new seed for an orbit of incremented/decremented amplitude

The seed comes from a method for approximating orbits around the libration points presented in a paper by D.L. Richardson. More detailed information on the mathematics of the approximation is available in our technical web material.

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