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Part 2: A List of Web Pages to Browse

Pages Relevant to You!

The Geometry Center Welcome Page -- This contains a variety of articles, pictures, software, and interactive web pages written at the Geometry Center.

The Home Page for This Course -- This contains the syllabus and all course materials for Technology in the Geometry Classroom.

Specific Examples and Course Materials

From the Geometry Center

The Geometry Center Graphics Archive

Topological Zoo -- A series of pictures and movies from topology.

The Math Forum (on geom) -- A series of articles about geometry. Some are appropriate for high school students. These are written by Evelyn Sander and Bob Hesse.

A New Polyhedral Surface -- A mathematical research paper written by postdoc Davide Cervone.

Other Sources

On-line Mathematics Dictionary

Math Forum Student Projects

The Family Math Newsletter: Issue #1 (July 13, 1994) -- An internet newsletter.

The Fractal Microscope -- An internet math lesson. The Fractal Microscope: Fractal Geometry -- A page from the above lesson.

General Interest

University of Minnesota School of Mathematics

The Math Forum -- This is a web site dedicated exclusively to geometry. It has extensive resources for high school teachers.

InforMNs WWW Server -- Internet for the Minnesota Schools' Web Page

The American Mathematical Society, The Mathematical Association of America

Mathematics Education Preprint Server -- A new site for math education preprints.

Help With Email

Elm Documentation, Pine Documentation

Help Writing Hypertext (this is more important when you reach Part 3)

Geometry Forum Down to Earth HTML Tutorial

NCSA Education Group Tutorials -- A list of tutorials available from NCSA. A Beginner's Guide to HTML HTML Tutorial -- An html tutorial from NCSA.

Netscape How to Create Web Services -- A list of links for more involved help with html.

Intro to the Web A more detailed tutorial on using html for curriculum development, written by Bob Hesse.

Indexes and Lists of Lists

Geometry Center List of other web sites

Searches -- Geometry Center list of search engines. These give you the ability to look for something specific using keywords. If you know what you want, you can use the search engines to find it.

Steve's Dump --The Math Forum list of Web resources for teachers and mathematicians.

AMS List of Mathematics on the Web

Mathematics Archives WWW Server -- General list of math resources. Mathematics Archives - K12 Internet Sites -- List of internet sites with information about teaching K-12 mathematics. Mathematics Archives - Collegiate Teaching Sites -- List of internet sites with information about teaching college.

Explorer Home Page -- A list of information of curricula and resources in math and natural sciences.

NCSA Outreach Program

NIE Introduction -- Networking Infrastructure for Education, an NSF funded project for education related documents on the internet.

Lists of Software to Download

K-12 Math Software, Mac Math Software, DOS Math Software, Dynamic Geometry Software

Other info for K-12 teachers

Staff Development minicourses on the internet and web
Help finding a class to exchange email with
Find a teacher pal to help with internet use
"From Now On", an educational technology journal
Guide for Citing Electronic Information
The Busy Teachers' Web Site

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