Before using the java activites I strongly suggest that you try them out before class on more than one machine. Note that you need at least Netscape 3.0 to be able to run java at all . Even with a java compatable browser, many computers have a problem running java programs within the browser. Computers with low memory may or may not be able to load the program without crashing. If you are having a problem you might try exiting all programs other than your internet browser. If nothing else works you may be able to a find a simple applet viewer which will have a better chance of working correctly.

If you are interested in java developement I strongly suggest you get a certain package straight from the source, SUN's Java Developement Kit (jdk). the kit is freely downloadable from their web site I beleive the current version is 1.1 but several browsers (including netscape) only support 1.02 at this time. This kit includes an applet viewer and instructions on how to use it. Most development environments I have come across require this kit to operate.

Due to the tendency to crash, the java activites created for this unit have been left out of the student pages. If you find that they work and you would like to use them than we suggest you either tell the students the web page to go to or even better would be to add the page to the bookmark list.

The first a activity LetterFun comes in two versions. Both are designed to allow your students to practice identifying reflections by looking at the english alphabet.

The second activity Relections allows the students to practice identifying reflections some simple figures.

The source code for both activities is available and you are free to modify, distribute, or whatever you want with it. I do however insist that you leave the line with my name in the code - credit where credit is due (or blame where blame is deserved!)