Singular Pisces Function

This function has an interesting level set made up by two fish ("pisces"), but also contains five singular points.

f(x,y) = fish1 * fish2

The function is composed of these two parts:

fish1 = (x*x*x - (y-alpha)*(y-alpha) - x +beta)* ( (x+xeye)*(x+xeye) + (y-alpha-yeye)*(y-alpha-yeye) - radeye*radeye);

fish2= (-x*x*x - (y+alpha)*(y+alpha) + x +beta)* ( (-x+xeye)*(-x+xeye) + (y+alpha-yeye)*(y+alpha-yeye) - radeye*radeye);

where x and y are the domain variables,

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