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This site gives a year-by-year, quarter-by-quarter breakdown of the mathematics courses which I have taught. These courses were given at:

1984-1985: First year as a Teaching Assistant in the math department at the University of Minnesota.

Summer 1985

1985-1986: Second year in as a Teaching Assistant. Given lecture sections during the Winter and Spring quarters.

Summer 1986

1986-1987: This year will be spent in the "Integrated Honors" sections of Calculus I. This is a five quarter sequence of calculus classes for IT honors students.

Summer 1987: My first shot at TA Orientation - a program designed to introduce new teaching assistants "how to teach".

1987-1988: I'll be finishing up with the Honors kids. They are really smart - many will go on to very prestigious colleges and universities.

Summer 1988: Again will lead the TA orientation.

1988-1989: A pretty basic year while I work on my PhD.

Summer 1989: Another shot at this great job, but I am getting tired of it!.

1989-1990: The year before I get married, so I want it to be fairly stress free.

Summer 1990: Could this be the last time?!? One more shot at indoctrinating the TA's.

1990-1991: I take a Fall overload so I can participate in a study to determine if regular writing assignments can be useful for College Algebra students. Aparna Ganguli of the University of Minnesota is the leader of the study.

Summer 1991: This is definitely the last time for the orientation program!! But I do get to teach Multi-Variable Calculus for the first time!

1991-1992: This is the first of three years teaching for the University of Minnesota Talented Youth Program (UMTYMP). It is a program designed to challenge gifted high school math students.

Summer 1992: Another odd job for me to do. My role is to help incoming freshmen students decide which math courses may be appropriate. It is fun!

1992-1993: This is my busiest year ever! I am working part-time at three different locations!

1993-1994: This fantastic year is spent both at Inver Hills Community College and with the UMTYMP calculus students. The full-time Inver Hills job is finally earning some cash for me!!!

1994-1995: Another great year at Inver Hills! But alas, this job is only temporary.

Summer 1995: Having nowhere to turn, I have decided to get my teaching certificate at the University of Minnesota. The math department is nice enough to hire me back and pay for my education!

1995-1996: This was a very busy year with education courses, student teaching, and teaching at the university to earn my way through school.

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