Math 1252: Calculus II

University of Minnesota

Dave Wiggins

(Your fearless leader)

Course Information:

Math 1252 -- Single Variable Calculus II
Lecture: Physics 133 MWF 11:15-12:05
Recitation: VinH 314 TTh 1:25-3:20
Professor: Mark Feshbach
Recitation Instructors:
Ben Chow
Dave Wiggins: VinH 7, 625-2309,


Calculus Single Variable Early Transcendentals (Third Edition) by James Stewart


2 "Hour Long" Tests (200pts)
Quizzes (50pts)
Homework (50pts)
Final Exam (200pts)
Total Points Possible = 500 points
Grades are based on your total point accumulation for the term and will be "curved". It is important that you earn as many points as possible. Please make note of the test dates. Make-up exams are an extreme rarity and will be given only if arrangements have been made before the class takes the test.


YOU are expected to:

WE are expected to:

(More Detailed) Approximate Course Outline:

Week of Jan 2-5
5.1 Sigma (Sum) Notation
5.2 Area
Week of Jan 8-12
5.3 Definite Integrals
5.4 Fundamental Theorem
5. 5 Substitution
Week of Jan 16-19
Martin Luther King Day - No Class
5.6 Natural Log as an Integral
6.1 Areas between Curves
Week of Jan 22-26
6.2 Volume - Disc Method
6.3 Shell Method
6.4 Work
Week of Jan 29 - Feb 2
6.5 Average Value
Exam 1 Tuesday January 30
7.1 Integration by Parts
Week of Feb 5-9
7.2 Integrals with Trig
7.3 Trig Substitution
7.4 Partial Fractions
Week of Feb 12-16
7.5 Integrals with Radicals
7.6 Integration Strategies
7.7 Using Tables
Week of Feb 19-23
7.8 Approximation Techniques
7.9 Improper Integrals
8.1 Differential Equations
Week of Feb 26 - Mar 1
Exam 2 Tuesday Feb 27
8.2 Arc Length
8.3 Surfaces of Revolution
Week of Mar 4-8
8.4 Moments/Centers of Mass
8.5 Hydrostatics
8.6 Real World Applications
Week of Mar 11-12
Review for Final Exam
FINAL EXAM 1:30-4:30 pm Tuesday March 12

Some General Comments:

Attendance: Although you will not be graded on attendance, we require that you show up to recitation.every day. We plan to have you working together in groups almost every day - chronic absence is a detriment to the group success and therefore will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with showing up to class, then perhaps you should register for another section to make room for someone ready to learn. (There are many people who would like to have you chair.)

Homework: is essential to your success in this class. Your homework will be collected and graded so that it amounts to 10% of your grade. Homework from the material covered in the previous week will be collected on Tuesday's. It is imperative that it be completed on time - late homework will not receive full credit. Do your best to keep up with the material. This is best accomplished by working a few problems many times a week, rather than many problems a few times a week. KEEP UP!!!

Quizzes: Quizzes (15 minute) will be given every Thursday during class. They will most likely cover material covered through Wednesday. If you are doing all of the homework problems, then the quizzes should not be cause for alarm. There will be NO MAKE-UP quizzes.

Network: You will be working cooperatively in groups during the class period. It may also be beneficial for you to work together outside of class too. Many people believe that math is best learned by having had to explain it to others. This strategy can work for you too!

Recitation Instructor Availability: We both have scheduled office hours. You are always welcome to ask questions or just to visit during these times. If the times are not convenient, you are encouraged to set up an appointment for a time that works out better for you. A recitation instructor's job is to facilitate the learning of his/her student. We will bend over backwards for you if you are making an honest attempt to succeed.


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