Calculating Slope I: Using Graph Paper

To calculate the slope of a line or a line segment on graph paper, we use the following formula:

slope = rise/run

Now, I am going to do something DIFFERENT! I am going to give you 5 problems and the ANSWERS. Your job is to figure out how I got the answers using the m= rise/run formula. DO NOT CHEAT! Try to figure it out on your own. Once you think you know how I got the solutions, click the button near the bottom of the page to look at "Eddie's Procedure".
  1. The slope of line a is m=5/6
  2. The slope of line b is m= -1/4
  3. The slope of line c is m= 3/7
  4. The slope of line d is m= -6/3 or m=-2
  5. The slope of line e is m= 0 (but how do you use m= rise/run to get this number?)

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