Hi. Welcome to my home page.

I am a student at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis enroled in the Master of Education program for secondary mathematics and am creating this web page as a project for one of my classes. Since starting back to school about 6 years ago I have had many classes involving the use of computers but this is one of the more enjoyable ones. I would urge everyone to give it a try.

One of the projects we had to do was to explore Monge's Theorem using Geometry Sketchpad. It's quite interesting software and the results were real nice. For a look at Monge's Theorem, give a click.

Another project that we have been working on has been the Peaucellier linkage involving the use Geometry Sketchpad. Click here for access.

For information on One-Dimensional Dynamical Systems, click here .

To see Pete's, Karina's and my final project, click here.

The Personal side:

Here are some pictures that you might find of interest from a couple of trips I took out west and then some.

Here is a list of links to some really cool sites in my opinion.