Here are a few of the web sites that I found are really interesting. Since my interest includes music, comedy, and the sciences, the links I have to favorite places will vary some. Hope you enjoy them.

Monty Python                                 a random picking of Monty Python scripts

more Monty Python                        an interesting site with lots of links

Trebuchet                                       informative with links and a nice model one third the size of one I'm building

more Trebuchet                              more informative with pictures, old and new

even more Trebuchet                      great links

Harley Davidson                            Harley Davidson home page, nuf said!

T C Harley Davidson                     Twin Cities Harley Davidson home page

Global Volcanism Program            latest information on recent eruptions, "what's blown where"

Volcanos                                         volcano information and then some

Dragons                                           good illustrations and a great jump site for more dragons

Wallpaper galore                            pretty much self explanitory