Teacher's Instructions

Outcomes of Unit:

  1. Students will develop the formulas for finding the degrees of polygons and regular polygons.
  2. Students will develop a regular tesselation (without software).
  3. Students will identify glide reflections, rotations, and translations as transformations that are used in tesselations.
  4. Students will identify some of the works of M.C. Escher.
  5. Students will use Tesselmania to create a unique tesselation as a final project.

Using this Unit:

It is suggested the the students follow the unit outline in order, and complete activities specified. Rudimentary knowlege of The Geometer's Sketchpad and Tesselmania are neccessary for the lab. The instructor should preview Geometer's Sketchpad, and use some class time to familiarize students and allow them explore with it. Tesselmania should be introduced as part of the lab, to make sequence of activities more effective. You may use the last three lessons to introduce Tesselmania, or you may choose to introduce it through direct instruction, and use the worksheet provided.

You may download a deomo version of The Geometer's Sketchpad here.

Tesselmania is only available for the MacIntosh Computer. In addition, some of our resources work better on the MacIntosh. Tesselmania is no longer offered online. For product information contact The Learning Center 


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Regular Polygons

Tesselmania Worksheet