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VRML/WebOOGL Zoo of Mathematical 3D Objects

Tamara Munzner, The Geometry Center

32K triangles.
Everting Sphere: Full (VRML)
Everting Sphere: Full (WebOOGL)

16K triangles.
Everting Sphere: Half (VRML)
Everting Sphere: Half (WebOOGL)

2K triangles.
Everting Sphere: Sixteenth (VRML)
Everting Sphere: Sixteenth (WebOOGL)

4K triangles.
Everting Sphere: One Strip (VRML)
Everting Sphere: One Strip (WebOOGL)

About the Outside In sphere eversion
Click on the green arrow or the sphere on the right to go forward, the red arrow or the left sphere to go back. The blue arrow cycles through the amount of the sphere you see (all, half, onestrip, sixteenth). (Version 2: the sphere pieces themselves no longer contain links, just the arrows. Also, the WebOOGL files now contain bicubic patches instead of explicit polygon data, so the number of polygons drawn will change with the interactively controllable patchmesh dicing level.) 3D Web version by Stuart Levy and Tamara Munzner.

The following VRML files contain only geometry and are not interactive.

The Archimedean and Platonic Solids (VRML)
The Archimedean and Platonic Solids (WebOOGL)

The regular and semi-regular polyhedra. Between 4 and 240 triangles.

The 59 Stellations of the Icosahedron (VRML)
The 59 Stellations of the Icosahedron (WebOOGL)

Created by Michael Keynes, summer 1990. Most stellations < 300 triangles.

Kuen's Surface (VRML)
Kuen's Surface (WebOOGL)

Kuen's surface of constant negative curvature. Converted from Mathematica. Parametrized by Al Gray, Modern Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces. 2K triangles.

Trefoil Icosahedron (VRML)
Trefoil Icosahedron (WebOOGL)

Created by Carlo Sequin. Converted from Berkeley Unigrafix format. 6K triangles.

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