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Superclass: X11_Window

An X11_Window into which PostScript can be drawn. (In X11 terminology, this offscreen window is actually a "Pixmap".)

Since we are interested in creating a bitmap, and do not care about the physical parameters of the local display, the initial coordinate system is set to be different than the default established by DPS for X. If the window is w-by-h pixels, then the corners are initially at these points:

		  |          |
- initIntSize:(const IntSize *)theSize;
- free;
Subclasses override drawPostScript to define their appearance; this method only needs to perform the actual PS drawing. However, you never call drawPostScript directly; instead, you call methods like display which do all the necessary plumbing before calling drawPostScript themselves.
- display;
- drawPostScript;
- flushWindow;
These are the lower-level methods which route PS calls to this window.
- (BOOL)lockFocus;
- unlockFocus;

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