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Superclass: Object

This class handles the coordination between file names, URLs, and streams, and serves as a focus for configuration dependencies in W3Kit. Expensive operations are performed lazily whenever possible.

Currently only local documents are handled. In future versions of W3Kit, lazily-cached remote documents will likely be implemented.

Finding Documents

The following methods create and destroy documents, and the W3Document objects serving as references to them.

The document name input to these messages is interpreted relative to directories specified by the W3Kit CGI Extension variables (see below). The filename extension can also be omitted from the input name, since it can normally be deduced from the specified MIME type (see below).

Note that temporaryLocal:mimeType: creates a temporary file unique to this run of the program, which is what you want most of the time. In contrast, newLocal:mimeType: creates a fixed, definite file.

+ temporaryLocal:(const char *)aName mimeType:(const char *)aType;
+ newLocal:(const char *)aName mimeType:(const char *)aType;
+ findLocal:(const char *)aName mimeType:(const char *)aType;
+ newOutputMimeType:(const char *)aType;
+ findOutputMimeType:(const char *)aType;
- closeStream;
- remove;
- free;

Babel Fest

There are many ways of referring to the same document, and the methods below provide some of them.

The "name" method returns a name suitable for locating the document again with findLocal:mimeType:. For security reasons, when a W3Document is archived, only the name and mimeType are remembered, and they are then used to recalculate the path upon unarchiving.

If possible, the I/O streams are opened lazily (i.e., only when you actually ask for them).

- (const char *)name;
- (const char *)URL;
- (const char *)mimeType;
- (const char *)path;
- (const char *)directory;
- (const char *)filename;
- (const char *)extension;
- (Stream *)inputStream;
- (Stream *)outputStream;
- (BOOL)isOpen;
- (BOOL)isTemporary;
Core setup methods for various kinds of documents. These are not normally used directly by application programs.

- setOutputMimeType:(const char *)aType create:(BOOL)willCreate;
- setLocal:(const char *)name
	mimeType:(const char *)aType
	searchDirectories:(const char *const *)tryDirs
	searchURLs:(const char *const *)tryURLs

Server Configuration

This information is taken directly from the W3Kit CGI Extension environment variables. Application programs do not normally use this information directly.

The checkDirectories method returns a NULL-terminated search path for documents. The documentDirectory method returns the name of the directory where new documents will be created (usually this is the just the first element of checkDirectories).

+ (const char * const *)checkDirectories;
+ (const char * const *)checkURLs;
+ (const char *)documentDirectory;
+ (const char *)documentURL;
+ (const char *)temporaryDirectory;
+ (const char *)temporaryURL;
+ (const char *)binaryDirectory;
+ (const char *)binaryURL;
+ (const char *)actionURL;
The following method returns the preferred extension corresponding to a MIME type. The caller frees the result.

This will be used in creating or finding such files unless an explicit extension is supplied (currently all typed files are required to use some sort of extension).

+ (char *)extensionForMimeType:(const char *)aType;

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