spacecraft modeling tool

Crafter is a software package for designing three-dimensional models of spacecraft.

Online Documentation

Downloading Crafter

Crafter 1.0 -- August 16, 1996

  1. Download Geomview version 1.6.1 binary distribution for the proper platform:

  2. Download Crafter version 1.0 distribution for the proper platform:

    Crafter is available for download free of charge. However, Crafter is copyrighted software, and Geometry Technologies, Inc. should be credited in any publication, electronic or otherwise, containing Crafter output.

    Since Crafter is freely available, there is no support of any kind available either from The Geometry Center (which is closed) or Geometry Technologies, Inc. which has taken over the copyright and continues to make Crafter available. However, Geometry Technologies offers consulting and custom programming services, and can offer support or customization for Crafter on a contract basis. Please inquire by writing to

  3. Install Geomview and Crafter

Downloading partial distribution