2. Installation

Before installing Crafter, version 1.6 or better of Geomview must be installed.

2.1. Installing Geomview

The compressed tar file for the Geomview distribution is named something like geomview-1.6.1-sgi.tar.gz. Unpacking the Geomview distribution creates an directory called Geomview in which the main Geomview tree resides. Installing Geomview puts relevant executable files in a common directory, such as /usr/local/bin. To unpack and install Geomview, move the distribution to the directory that you want to put the Geomview tree, cd to that directory and type:
	gunzip < geomview-1.6.1-sgi.tar.gz | tar xvopf -
	cd Geomview
substituting the actual name of the compressed tar file for geomview-1.6.1-sgi.tar.gz. See the Geomview manual for complete directions on the installation procedure.

2.2. Installing Crafter

There are three things you should have in mind before installing Crafter.
  1. where you want the Crafter source tree installed. This can be anywhere that is readable to those who will be using it.

  2. the path to the Geomview executable file. Geomview must already be installed. (The Crafter installation will look to see if geomview is in the search path.)

  3. the path to install the Crafter executable and other executable files associated with Crafter. This should be in the search path of the users of Crafter (typically /usr/local/bin).

Installing Crafter is similar to installing Geomview. The tar file for the Crafter distribution is named something like crafter-1.0-sgi.tar.Z. To unpack and then install Crafter, go the directory you want to install the Crafter source tree, move the distribution to that directory, and then type commands like the following:

	zcat crafter-1.0-sgi.tar.Z | tar xvopf -
	cd Crafter
substituting the actual name of the tar file for crafter-1.0-sgi.tar.Z.