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Mesh manipulation

This page points to some extremely useful looking programs that help you do things to existing meshes. If you need to construct a mesh, try the pointers on the mesh generation page.


Takes a mesh and constructs a new, simpler mesh. You specify how far the new mesh can stray from the old one. The program was used in a recent Siggraph paper on Level of Detail Hierarchies.

By Jonathan Cohen, at the University of North Carolina.
Go to the Web page to get the code and a copy of the Siggraph paper describing this work.


Breaks a mesh up into triangle strips, which are faster to render on an SGI and more compact than the original mesh.

By Francine Evans, Steve Skiena, and Amitabh Varshney, at SUNY Stoneybrook.
Papers, pictures, information, and the code are all on the Stripe page.


A very snazzy-looking package to compute unions of objects defined by closed 2D meshes and compute Cartesian 3D meshes around them, to be released RSN (Real Soon Now...). Uses the latest in degeneracy handling and efficient exact arithmatic!
Take a look at the extensive Website.

By Michael Aftosmis, John Melton and Marsha Berger, from NASA and NYU.

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