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Mesh generation

Mesh generation is a field in itself, which is treated much more fully on some other Web pages. Robert Schneiders mesh generation page, in particular, has links to free and commercial software. There is a nice (although clearly incomplete) survey of three dimensional mesh generators at from NASA.

There are a bunch of other triangulation programs on these pages (triangulations are also known as unstructured meshes), some of which produce high-quality triangulations suitable for finite element methods.


Three-dimensional geometric modeling and meshing demo package. Build a model using the CSG modeling system, mesh it using an algorithm by Mitchell and Vavasis, and use it to solve a problem with the finite element method. C++ called from within MatLab, with Geomview graphics in 3-D.

By Steve Vavasis, Cornell University.
For a longer description and links to the software itself, go to the Web page . The code is also available via ftp.


This package has a system for algebraic and topological computation (WEYL), and a quality mesh generator built on top of them. Currently handles polygons and curved planar objects, but surfaces in three-space are promised. In LISP.

Meshing code by Paul Chew, of Cornell University.
Here's more info and a pointer to the code.

tripoint, ect.

A two-dimensional oct-tree based C++ triangulation program, to generate meshes with no small angle. An optional MATLAB interface lets you draw an input polygon.
Code, instructions and the paper (about a 3D version of the algorithm) available in the ftp directory.

A MATLAB implementation of a circle-packing based 2-D mesh generator, with interactive input only, is in another ftp directory.

By Scott Mitchell, then at Cornell University.

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