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The Web pages at the Geometry Center are grouped into several collections of related pages. You can search each of these individually, or in groups. Since searching takes time, the default is only to search the main pages of the Geometry Center, but you can select other databases as needed.

The following databases of titles are available:

Main Pages

These are the bulk of the pages at the Geometry Center, and consist of pretty much anything that is not in one of the other categories. These pages include the downloadable software pages, the multimedia documents, the educational materials, and the interactive applications.

Geometry Center Visitor Resources

These pages are designed to help visitors to the Center become more familiar with our software and hardware setup, and to find their way around the Center and Minneapolis, where the Center is located. These pages include listings of software packages by subject area, and instructions for how to do common tasks. Not all of these pages are accessible from outside the Center.

Graphics Archive

These are the pages in the graphics archive, including the subject listing pages, the author index, and the individual picture pages.


These pages form the CHANCE database, a collection of materials for an innovative course on statistics and probability based on current information found in newspapers, television, and magazines.

User's Personal Pages

These pages are maintained by the staff, visitors and students of the Geometry Center, and are not part of the Center's "official" pages. They contain much interesting material, however. Individual users may elect to have their pages indexed here.

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