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The search form allows you to specify how the search should be performed. Specifically, there are check boxes that control the following:

Case-sensitive search

This checkbox controls whether the titles must be capitalized exactly as you typed them, or whether upper and lower case letters are treated as being identical. If the box is checked then the case must match exactly, otherwise (the default) the case does not matter.

Only match whole words

If this box is checked, the keywords you specified must appear as complete words in a title in order for it to match. If this box is unchecked, then a title will match if the keywords are contained anywhere within it. For example, "geom" will match "The Geomview Manual" only if this box is not checked. The default is to allow partial-word matches.

Search Titles or URLs

This set of radio buttons determines whether the search should be performed on the text of the document titles (Page titles) or on the file name of the document (URL). The default is to search the text of the titles, but it is sometimes valuable to be able to search the URLs, for example, to find all the documents that are in the /software/geomview directory.

If the "only match whole words" box is checked, then the keywords you typed will match only complete directory or file names or extensions.

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