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Making Web Pages

The Geometry Center is a superlative place to create web documents and applications. Geometry Center visitors have access to state of the art technological tools as well as a knowledgeable staff skilled at their use. In addition to the following information, you may wish to consult the pages on communicating with hypertext in the software overview section.

File System Facts

All Geometry Center visitor accounts contain a /public_html subdirectory. All files you wish to be accessible via http need to be contained in this directory of subdirectories of this directory. By default, the request


retrieves the file ~username/public_html/welcome.html.

Pathnames are relative to the public_html directory. Thus, if one puts a link of the form

< A HREF="grapes/merlot.html">Merlot< /a>

in the welcome.html file, it is a link to the file public_html/grapes/merlot.html.

The Geometry Center web site files can be found in /u/www/root. Pathnames in these documents are relative to this directory.

Getting Started with HTML

There are many excellent introductions to HTML, and a dizzying array of templates, examples, images and advice available on the web. Here are a few good choices.


Style Guides:

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