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Most people at the Geometry Center use either Netscape or Mosaic, though HotJava is becoming increasingly important, as the Center explores ways of using the Java language for mathematical communication.

From Suns

Both Netscape and Mosaic runs as an X application on unix machines. From the command line, the relevant commands are netscape and xmosaic respectively. You can also launch either browser from the dock, if you are using the default new user desktop. (Warning: single click on the appropriate icon.)

From SGI machines

On new SGIs (running Irix 5.3) both Netscape and Mosaic run as X applications, just as they run on the Suns; start them either from the command line or the dock. On older SGI's, however, Netscape will not run locally. The solution is to run Netscape on one of the X servers and redirect the output to your machine. This process has been automated on most machines in the Geometry Center system. Typing


from the command prompt will start netscape remotely on bers. Similarly, the command


starts mosaic. Should you wish to run netscape or mosaic on another server, use the following commands:

  1. Use the "xhost +hostname" command to give your local client machine permission to accept output from the server. (Reminder: The Geometry Center X servers are bers, plucker and chasles.)

  2. Start the browser on the remote server. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. The best way is to use a predefined Geometry Center alias of the form "hostname program_name -display client:0".


xhost +bers
bers netscape -display klein:0

In general, the xhost command and -display option should not be necessary within the Center, but try them first if you are having trouble.

From NeXT Computers

From NeXTs, both Netscape and Mosaic must be run remotely on one of the Geometry Center X servers, with the output directed to the machine you are on. This requires a three step process: starting the X environment on the NeXT, giving an X server permission to write to the display, and finally starting netscape or mosaic on the server.

Start X emulation on the NeXT. The X emulator the Geometry Center maintains is co-Xist which lives in the /LocalApps directory. Start it by finding it in the file manager and double clicking.

Now proceed as outlined above for older SGIs.

From a Macintosh

Netscape and Mosaic are both available on the Network Applications menu. This is a submenu of the "apple" menu, located at the upper lefthand corner of the screen.

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