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Geometry Center Computer Accounts

Usernames and passwords

If you are an official visitor, an account has already been set up for you. Your username and password should be in the welcome packet in your mail tray (see the center map).

All geometry center workstations are networked together, so the same username and password work for all of them. Similarly, your files will be accessible from any machine.

Disk space and backups

Your account has a disk quota, which is normally 20 megabytes. Your disk usage in KBytes appears each time you log in. The command accountinfo reports your current usage and quota. If you need more space, write to problem@geom. Please remove unnecessary files regularly!

Files under you home directory are backed up nightly. To have files restored from a backup, mail a request to problem@geom. You will need to specify what files to restore and the time period from which to restore them.

Deactivation of old accounts

Normally, your account will remain for a month after you leave. At that time, your files will be archived on tape, and your account deactivated. If you need your account to remain active longer, please let us know by sending email to problem@geom.

Logging in via modem

The University of Minnesota maintains a modem pool. The phone numbers are 626-1920 for 14.4 connections and 627-4250 for 28.8 connections. Once connected, press return until you get a prompt. You may have to do this several times. To connect to a particular machine, for example, riemann, type riemann.geom.

Both lines offer SLIP and PPP service. At the "Username:" prompt, enter your email address, for example, slevy@geom.umn.edu, and enter your own password at the password prompt. After this, you may either connect to a Center machine as above, type slip of PPP.

If you plan to log in via modem from Windows, the Center has prepared diskettes with Winsock, Netscape, Trumptel, and Wftp together with the necessary login in scripts. Contact the technical staff for copies and installation instructions.

info for short term visitors

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