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Communicating with Text

TeX/amstex/latex -- The Center maintains the current versions of the main TeX dialects , as well as tools for printing, and including graphics. TeX produces very high quality output, though the required effort is often correspondingly high.

Microsoft Word -- This well-known wysiwyg word processor is available on the Center PC and Macintosh platforms. Its mathematical typesetting capabilities are only adequate, but for simpler documents, its ease of use may be a more important factor. It also handles the incorporation of graphics in text nicely.

FrameMaker -- This is wysiwyg page layout application for the NeXT environment. FrameMaker has some decent mathematical typesetting capability, but it excels at integrating graphics and text in NeXT's display PostScript environment.

nroff/troff -- The classic unix text and typesetting programs are also available. nroff remains particularly useful for the creation of man pages.

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