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Technical Staff Office Hours

Members of the Geometry Center technical staff are available during the times below to help out with computer or other technical questions in the Center's lab. Feel free to contact the staff member either in person, by phone, or by email. You can find staff members during office hours either in their offices or out and about in the lab. Use the Center's telephone directory to look up office numbers, phone numbers, and email addresses.

           9- 5 Lori Thomson
           9-11 Robert Miner
          11- 1 Stuart Levy
	   1- 3 Mark Phillips
	   3- 5 Carol Scheftic

           9- 5 Nicolas Vera
           9- 5 Mark Phillips

           9- 5 Robert Miner
           9-11 Nicolas Vera
          11- 1 Lori Thomson
	   1- 3 Daeron Meyer
	   3- 5 Michelle Raymond

           9- 5 Michelle Raymond
           9- 5 Carol Scheftic

           9- 5 Daeron Meyer
           9- 5 Stuart Levy

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