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The Rules
Game 1:
Game 2:
Game 3:
The Gameboard:
For each game there are four levels: NOVICE, MEDIUM, HARD, and MASTER. The levels corresspond to deeper recusions of the same fractal shape. To change levels click on the appropriate button.

To restart the game with a new (random) target click the RESTART button on the botom of the screen.

To restart the game with the same target, click the RETRY button on the bottom of the screen.

To change games click either the 1, or 2 button on the upper right of the screen.
Getting The Best Score:
There is an algorithm that always will get the red dot into the target shape in the smallest number of attempts.

The Best score, and your score for each game and level is marked on the right of the screen. Each time you click a vertex button your score is increased by one.

The color of the vertex that you have clicked is recorded on the left of the screen, to help you remember the moves you have made.

The algorithm is the same for each level of the game. If you have figured it out correctly for the novice level you should be able to win in the best score on all levels.

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