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Syllabus for

Communicating Mathematics with Hypertext

A Short Course at The Geometry Center
June 3 - 7, 1996

Target Audience

This course is intended for mathematicians and others with responsibility for the design and implementation of a mathematically-oriented site. Such a "site" might be for a department, a course, a research group, a journal, etc. We anticipate that the participants' goals are to learn more than just what is needed to put together a few personal pages. They are likely to have responsibility for both the design and the intellectual contents of a more complex site. On the other hand, participants are likely to be part of a larger organization that handles the overall connectivity to the Internet, so we will not address such issues of system administration.


Participants will have a project in mind before they arrive for the course. During the week, they will begin to develop a related set of pages for this project. Through the course, they will gain experience and sources of information needed to complete their project after returning to their home institutions.

Topics & Schedule

Some of the course topics will be covered directly. Others will be addressed by pointing participants to online sources of information. Online sources will include a combination of existing sources and pages written specifically for this course. A day-by-day course schedule will be available. Entries in the schedule will link to the primary online sources.

Each of the first four days will follow a somewhat similar schedule:

Some lab time will be devoted to assignments designed to give participants practice with various tools and techniques. There will also be daily lab time for participants to work on the individual projects that brought them to the course. To the extent that their individual projects require the tools and techniques of the course assignments, participants may substitute work on their projects for those tasks.

A range of technical staff members from the Geometry Center will be on hand to assist individuals and groups each day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (i.e., in "supervised" lab times). Participants will have 24-hour access to Center facilities, with a more limited amount of support staff on hand before 9 am and after 5 pm.

The fifth day will have much less time devoted to new "lesson" material. There will be extra lab time earlier in the morning. All participants will be expected to contribute to the Show & Tell sessions. Individuals will discuss the progress of the personal projects that brought them to this course. Group problem-solving techniques will be used by participants and Center staff to help resolve any issues that may remain.

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