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Communicating Mathematics with Hypertext

June 3-7, 1996

Course Application

For full consideration, complete applications must be postmarked by March 15, 1996 at:

Hypertext Course
The Geometry Center
400 Lind Hall
207 Church St. SE>
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Note: As of March 15, 1996 there are a few openings still available; persons interested in attending should send their application as soon as possible, but by April 15, 1996 at the latest.


Position:  [  ] Student¹  Level (e.g. 2nd yr. grad student): _____________

           [  ] Faculty   Tenured:  Yes   No¹

           [  ] Other     Position: ______________________________________

Affiliation (college, university, or other): _____________________________

Mailing Address: _________________________________  



Telephone: (____) ____________    Email: _________________________________

Citizenship: ___________________  Visa Status: ___________________________

Additional Application Requirements

¹ A letter of recommendation from a senior scientist familiar with your work is required if you are a student or untenured faculty.
The University of Minnesora is an equal opportunity educator and employer. This material is available in alternate formats upon request (phone 612-626-0888, fax: 612-626-7131, email: admin@geom.umn.edu).
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