Creating Images

Creating Images with Software

Capturing Images from the Screen

Creating Images from Other Images

Downloading Images from the Web

One way to get images for a Web page is to steal them from another Web page. (Obviously you should only do this if you have the permission of the page's author.)

When viewing a Web page which contains an image with Netscape, you can put the mouse cursor over the image and press the right mouse button to bring up a menu which will let you save the image to a file. Other browsers may have similar options.

You can also fetch an image by specifying its URL directly, for example

(This method works for fetching background images as well; use the View Source option of your browser to look at the html source for the document to discover the file pathname of the background image.)

Using a Scanner

A scanner is a device which scans physical images from paper to produce digital image files. A huge variety of scanners are available on the market today, ranging in price from a few hundred dollars to many thousands.

The Geometry Center has a scanner attached to a Macintosh; ask a staff member if you are interested in using it.

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