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Helping the World Find your Web Site

In order to be useful, a web site needs to be easily accessible to its intended audience. A big part of that can be accomplished by good site design. Nonetheless, you still need to take steps to insure people can find your site in the first place.

Getting Linked In

Typically, you will want people to be able to find your site by following links from other closely related places.

Search Engines

URLs are hard to remember, and locating a page by following a sequence of links is tedious. Many people will end up trying to locate your site with search engines. Consequently, you need to do what you can to insure they will find you.

Announcing your Presence

Another important ingredient in attracting your audience to your site is letting them know it exists. The particulars of doing this depend strongly on what is appropriate for your situation. Here is a range of ideas.

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