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Java: An introduction

Java is a hot, new computer language from Sun Microsystems. It was designed for writing programs that can be embedded in web pages; the program is downloaded with the page, and is executed withing a web browser. However, Java can also be used to write stand alone programs as well.

Although Java is still very new, there is a great deal of intense development activity, and a number of useful Java applets are publicly available already.

Setting your Environment Variables

At the Center, you need to issue the following commands (you can put them in your .cshrc, etc if you want).

setenv CLASSPATH .:/u/java/classes.mips/:/u/java/classes.mips/java/:/u/java/classes.mips/sun/

setenv PATH ${PATH}:/u/java/bin

Getting Started

Learning More

Here are a few online resources. There are also many print resources. Two I particularly favor are:

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