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Some Examples of Interesting Web Pages and Sites

The following items are "random finds" from members of the Geometry Center tecnical staff that were contributed for this session. Feel free to suggest others and we'll add them to the end of the list.

Discuss with other course participants which of the following entries you would consider examples of "good" or "bad" page design. Take notes, indicating your reason for each rating. (Hint: Pages that are generally bad may still contain some good elements! Be sure to note any "redeeming features" of such pages.)

Independent of any mathematical content on a web-page, one recurring issue on the WWW is graphics: how many, how big, for what reason, does the reason justify the time and storage space, etc. Since others at the Center may have recently been to these next few sites, to get the full effect you should completely clear the disk and memory caches before starting on this list.

Happy surfing!

  1. This page introduces the use of stereograms as backgrounds.
  2. This organization clearly has lots of information to share.
  3. Contrast this organization's approach with that of the previous one.
  4. This university clearly wants to appear friendly.
  5. This site was just found in yesterday's Parade magazine.
  6. This site admits up front that its tools are very resource-intensive (i.e., won't run on Macs or PCs).
  7. Does this site practice what it preaches regarding science on the web?

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