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Using Fetch to put Mac docs in the Unix world

If you have created a document on the Macintosh, it has special characters which will not be correctly interpreted by Unix machines. Here is how to use Fetch to put such a document, image, or sketch in your public_html directory so that it is available on the Web.

  1. Make an html document and all the appropriates images, sketches, etc. (See the note on suffixes below.) Check your work using the "open file" option in Netscape.

  2. Open Fetch (under Network Apps).

  3. In the Open Connection window, fill out the appropriate information:
    Host: hostname (eg: riemann.geom.umn.edu)
    User ID: username (eg: sander)
    Directory: ~username/public_html (username is your login name)

  4. Hit OK.

  5. Make sure to do this step before going on to the next step: Now in the Fetch window, choose the type of file. To do so, you select a button at the bottom right of the Fetch window.

  6. Select Put File

  7. It will show you the Macintosh directories. Find your file, and select Open.

  8. It now asks you which format you want to use.
    Make sure to choose the right format:

  9. Once you have put all your files you want to put, Close Connection and Quit Fetch.

  10. You should be able to read your files in Netscape as follows:

  11. Open Location: http://www.geom.umn.edu/~username/filename (filename is the name you gave the document)

Important Notes:

Your home page must be called "welcome.html"

Suffixes are very important. Specifically:

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