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Suggested Topics for Final Projects

This is a list of topics for suggested final projects for the Summer 1996 Program. Any group which would like to work on a project that is not listed here should consult with the Program staff.

There are a variety of locally developed supporting materials avalable for each topic, in various stages of completion. Each group should contact an instructor to determine what supporting materials are available for the project they have chosen.

  1. Dynamical Systems (Chaos labs, Web pages)
  2. Mirrors and Kaleidoscopes (Kaleidotile, Mad About Mirrors, Kali)
  3. Symmetry, Tiling, and Patterns (Kaleidotile, Kali, Mad About Mirrors, Shape of Space)
  4. Polyhedra (Kaleidotile, Mad About Mirrors)
  5. Geodesics and the Geometry of Space (Shape of Space, Not Knot, Geometry Rules)
  6. Non-Euclidean Geometry (Geometry Rules, Not Knot)
  7. Flatland (Shape of Space, Mad About Mirrors)
  8. Topology (Shape of Space, Outside In)
  9. Geometry Axioms and Proofs (Geometry Rules)
  10. Other (Final Projects from Previous Quarters)

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