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For full consideration, complete applications must be received by February 1, 1996 at:

1996 Summer Program for Teachers
The Geometry Center
400 Lind Hall
207 Church St. SE.
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Name:________________________________________   Sex (please circle):  M  F

SS# or University of Minnesota student ID number (required):______________

Date of birth (required):____________________

Level of Certification:______________________  Highest Degree:____________

Department, Institution, and Year of your Highest Degree:


Home Address:  _________________________________   Home phone:____________

               _________________________________   Best times to reach you

               _________________________________   by phone:______________

If available:  email: __________________________   FAX: __________________

School Name:   _________________________________   Your Title:____________

School Address:_________________________________   School phone:__________

               _________________________________   Best times to reach you

               _________________________________   by phone:______________

If available:  email: __________________________   FAX: __________________


Preferred mailing address (check one):  _____ Home     _____ Work

Teaching Assignment (1995-96):

Teaching Assignment (1996-97, if known):

Ethnicity (circle one):  African American         Hispanic

                         Native American          White

                         Asian/Pacific Islander   Other:__________________

US Citizen (please circle):   Y   N


                          Additional Information

All materials listed below mush be received at The Geometry Center no
later than February 1, 1996, to receive full consideration.

Your application MUST include the following:

1.  A one page letter addressing the following:
    (1) experience in teaching geometry;
    (2) use of technology in the classroom;
    (3) anticipated use of these materials in your teaching;
    (4) prior leadership and/or professional activities
        supporting your involvement;
    (5) other background and experiences relevant to your

2.  A letter of support from an appropriate school/district
    administrator that indicates your qualifications and gives
    you permission to incorporate these materials into at least
    one class that you will teach in 1996-97.

3.  The names, addresses, phone numbers and, if possible,
    electronic mail addresses of two to three people who are
    familiar with your professional work and may be contacted by us.

                          Application Guidelines

1.  All materials must be received at The Geometry Center by
    February 1, 1996

2.  Applications without letters of recommendation are regarded
    as incomplete and will not be considered.  It is your
    responsibility to see that your letter of recommendation
    arrives before the February 1 deadline.

3.  If you are not a US citizen and are selected for participation
    in the program, it is *your* responsibility to ensure you have
    a visa which will allow you to participate in the program and
    receive funding.

The Geometry Center is funded by the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, Minnesota Technology, Inc., and the University of Minnesota. The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer. The information on this page is available in alternate formats. Contact The Geometry Center as indicated above.

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