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Geometry Center Preprints:

The Center maintains a collection of on-line preprints, listed below in reverse chronological order. The titles that are not highlighted are older publications that are no longer available in hard copy. (The Center ceased distributing hard copies of preprints in April of 1997, as part of the phase-down mandated by NSF.)

GCG 99: On the Need of Convexity in Patchworking
Jesus De Loera, Frederick J. Wicklin

GCG 98: Q Matrix Recognition via Secondary and Universal Polytopes
Jesus De Loera, Walter Morris

GCG 97: The Number of Geometric Bistellar Neighbors of a Triangulation
Jesus De Loera, Franciso Santos, Jorge Urrutia

GCG 96: Globalizing Two-dimensional Unstable Manifolds of Maps
Bernd Krauskopf, Hinke Osinga

GCG 95: The Geometry of Halo Orbits in the Circular Restricted Three-body Problem
Robert Thurman, Patrick Worfolk

GCG 94: Surface Evolver Manual 2.01
Kenneth Brakke

GCG 93: Matching Rules and Substitution Tilings
Chaim Goodman-Strauss

GCG 92: The Polytope of All Triangulations of a Point Configuration
Jesus De Loera, Francisco Santos, Serkan Hosten, and Bernd Sturmfelds

GCG 91: Invariant Numerical Approximations to Differential Invariant Signature
Eugenio Calabi, Peter J. Olver, Allen Tannenbaum

GCG 90: Affine Invariant Edge Maps and Active Contours
Peter J. Olver, Allen Tannenbaum, and Guillermo Sapiro

GCG 89: Pisces: A Platform for Implicit Surfaces and Curves and the Exploration of Singularities
Frederick J. Wicklin

GCG 88: A New Proof of the Stable Manifold Theorem
Richard McGehee, Evelyn Sander

GCG 87: Engineering Education at the Geometry Center
Harvey Keynes, Frederick J. Wicklin

GCG 86: Visualizing the Structure of the World Wide Web in 3D Hyperbolic Space
Paul Burchard, Tamara Munzner

GCG 85: Interactive Methods for Visualizable Geometry
Andrew J. Hanson, George Francis, and Tamara Munzner

GCG 84: Arnold Flames and Resonance Surface Folds
Richard McGehee and Bruce Peckham

GCG 83: Further Geometry Forum Articles
Bob Hesse and Evelyn Sander

GCG 82: Symmetry and the Shape of Space
Chaim Goodman-Strauss

GCG 81: Practical Robotic Interstellar Flight: Are We Ready?
Edward Belbruno

GCG 80: Proceedings of the International Computational Geometry Software Workshop, Jan 95
Nina Amenta

GCG 79: A Teacher's Guide to Building the Icosahedron as a Class Project
Frederick J. Wicklin

GCG 78: The Tesseract: An Animated Introduction to Higher Dimensions
Olaf Holt

GCG 77: Of Museums and Icosahedra
Harvey Keynes and Frederick J. Wicklin

GCG 76: Some Planar Isospectral Domains
Peter Buser, Peter Doyle, John Conway, and Klaus-Dieter Semmler

GCG 75: A Tight Polyhedral Immersion of the Real Projective Plane with one Handle
Davide P. Cervone

GCG 74: Undergraduate Research Experiences, Summer 1994
various authors

GCG 73: Optimal Tetrahedralizatoin of the 3d-Region "Between" a Convex Polyhedron and a Convex Polygon
Leonidas Palios

GCG 72: Variational Computation of HOmoclinic Orbits for Twist Maps
Eduardo Tabacman

GCG 71: Surface Evolver Manual, Version 1.95
Kenneth Brakke

GCG 70: Resonance Surfaces for Forced Oscillators
Richard McGehee and Bruce Peckham

GCG 69: Geometry Forum Articles
Evelyn Sander

GCG 68: On the Number of Extrema of a Polyhedron
Leonidas Palios

GCG 67: Symmetries, Isometries and Length Spectra of Closed Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds
Craig Hodgson and Jeffrey Weeks

GCG 66: Characterizations of the Mean Curvature and a Problem of G. Cimmino
Johannes C. C. Nitsche

GCG 65: Proceedings of Advances in Nonlinear Astrodynamics Conference
Edward Belbruno

GCG 64: Mobius Energies for Knots and Links, Surfaces and Submanifolds
Robert B. Kusner and John M. Sullivan

GCG 63: Notes on Richard Thompson's Groups F and T
James W. Cannon, Walter R. Parry, and William J. Floyd

GCG 62: Geomview Manual
Mark B. Phillips

GCG 61: Helly Theorems & Generalized Linear Programming
Annamaria B. Amenta

GCG 60: Visualization of Stable and Unstable Manifolds of Diffeomorphisms
Eduardo Tabacman

GCG 59: Undergraduate Research Experiences, Summer 1993
various authors

GCG 58: Mathematical Existence of Crystal Growth with Gibbs-Thomson Curvature Effects
Fred Almgren and Lihe Wang

GCG 57: An Exposition of Poincare's Polyhedron Theorem
David B. A. Epstein and Carlo Petronio

GCG 56: Connecting Grid Points to the Boundary of the Grid by Means of Nonintersecting Line Segments
Leonidas Palios

GCG 55: Surface Evolver Manual, Version 1.92
Kenneth Brakke

GCG 54: Soap Films and Covering Spaces
Kenneth Brakke

GCG 53: The Quickhull Algorithm for Convex Hull
C. Bradford Barber and David P. Dobkin

GCG 52: Squaring Rectangles: The Finite Riemann Mapping Theorem
James W. Cannon, Walter Parry, and William J. Floyd

GCG 51: What Can Be Computed in Algebraic Geometry?pi
Dave Bayer and David Mumford

GCG 50: Truncation of Wavelet Matrices: Edge Effects and the Reduction of Topological Control
Michael Freedman and William Press

GCG 49: Visualizing Three-Dimensional Manifolds
Charlie Gunn

GCG 48: Torus Knots Extremizing the Conformal Energy
Denise Kim and Rob Kusner

GCG 47: Upper and Lower Bounds for Optimal Tree Partitions
Leonidas Palios

GCG 46: Point in Polyhedron with Imprecise Data and Arithmetic
C. Bradford Barber and Michael D. Hirsch

GCG 45: Surface Evolver Manual, Version 1.87
Kenneth A. Brakke

GCG 44: Undergraduate Research Experiences, Summer 1992
various authors

GCG 43: Flat Flows is Motion by Crystalline Curvature for Curves With Crystalline Energies
Fred Almgren and Jean Taylor

GCG 42: The Computation of e
B. Burke, A. Hubbard, and John Hubbard

GCG 41: The Geom Style for LATEX
Silvio Levy

GCG 40: On the "Energy" of Knots and Unknots
Michael H. Freedman, Zheng-Xu He, and Zhenghan Wang

GCG 39: Curvature Driven Flows: A Variational Approach
Fred Almgren, Lihe Wang, and Jean Taylor

GCG 38: Minimizing the Squared Mean Curvature Integral for Surfaces in Space Forms
Lucas Hsu, John Sullivan, and Rob Kusner

GCG 37: Variational Algorithms and Pattern Formation in Dendritic Solidification
Robert Almgren

GCG 36: Simulation of Crystal Growth With Facetted Interfaces
Andy Roosen and Jean Taylor

GCG 35: The Combinatorial Riemann Mapping Theorem
James W. Cannon

GCG 34: Visualizing Hyperbolic Space
Charlie Gunn

GCG 33: Undergraduate Research Experiences, Summer 1991
various authors

GCG 32: Convex Hulls and Isometries of Cusped Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds
Jeffrey Weeks

GCG 31: Surface Evolver Manual, Version 1.65
Kenneth Brakke

GCG 30: Geom etry and the Imagination, Summer Course, 1991
John Conway, Jane Gilman, Peter Doyle, and William P. Thurston

GCG 29: Dirichlet Polyhedra in Complex Hyperbolic Space
Mark B. Phillips

GCG 28: Algebraic Convergence of Schottky Groups
Richard D. Canary

GCG 27: Geometry and The Imagination, Mathematics 1991 at Princeton
John Conway, William P. Thurston, and Peter Doyle

GCG 26: Motion of Curves by Crystalline Curvature Including Triple Junctions and Boundary Points
Jean E. Taylor

GCG 25: Complex Hyperbolic Ideal Triangle Groups
William M. Goldman and John R. Parker

GCG 24: Word processing and group theory
James W. Cannon, David B. A. Epstein, Derek F. Holt, Michael S. Paterson, and William P. Thurston

GCG 23: The CWEB System of Structured Documentation
Silvio Levy and Donald E. Knuth

GCG 22: A Crystalline Approximation Theorem for Hypersurfaces
John Sullivan

GCG 21: Self-Similar Tilings
Rick Kenyon

GCG 20: Symmetries of Planar Growth Functions, II
William J. Floyd

GCG 19: Undergraduate Research Experiences, Summer 1990
Steven Anderson, Scott Berger, David Broman, Olaf Holt, Michael Keynes, and James Larson

GCG 18: On Geometry of Ideal Polyhedra
Igor Rivin

GCG 17: Surface Evolver Manual, Version 1.4
Kenneth Brakke

GCG 16: Uncountably Many Exotic R^4's in standard 4-space
Stefano DeMichelis and Michael Freedman

GCG 15: Divergence-Free Fields: Energy and Asymptotic Crossing Number
Michael Freedman and Zheng-Xu He

GCG 14: Mathematics and Education
William P. Thurston

GCG 13: Multiple Intersections on Negatively Curved Surfaces
Charles Epstein, Troels Jorgensen, and Curt McMullen

GCG 12: On Certain Semigroups of Hyperbolic Isometries
Troels Jorgensen and Kevin Smith

GCG 11: Detecting the Intersection of Convex Objects in the Plane
David P. Dobkin and Diane L. Souvaine

GCG 10: Combable groups
David B. A. Epstein and William P. Thurston

GCG 09: Undergraduate Summer Research Experiences
Steve Anderson, David Elliston, Diane Hoffoss, Olaf Holt, and Mark Meuer

GCG 08: On the Geometry of Convex Polyhedra in 3-dimensional Hyperbolic Space
Igor Rivin

GCG 07: Shapes of Polyhedra
William P. Thurston

GCG 06: A Characterization of Teichmoller Differentials and the Unique Axis Theorem for Teichmoller Space
Albert Marden and Kurt Strebel

GCG 05: Quasicrystals: The View from Les Houches
Marjorie Senechal and Jean Taylor

GCG 04: Surgeries on the Whitehead Link Yield Geometrically Similar Manifolds
Craig D. Hodgson, Robert Meyerhoff, and Jeffrey Weeks

GCG 03: Hyperbolic Invariants of Knots and Links
Colin Adams, Martin Hildebrand, and Jeffrey Weeks

GCG 02: Contour Tracing by Piecewise Linear Approximations
David P. Dobkin, Silvio V. F. Levy, William P. Thurston, and Allan, R. Wilks

GCG 01: Groups, Tilings and Finite State Automata, Summer 1989 AMS Colloquium Lectures
William P. Thurston

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