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Everyone who helped make Outside In

Producer: The Geometry Center

Concept: Bill Thurston

Direction & Animation: Silvio Levy, Delle Maxwell, Tamara Munzner

Master Illusionist: Nathaniel Thurston

Technical Shepherd: Stuart Levy

Animation: David Ben-Zvi, Daeron Meyer

Additional Animation: Adam Deaton, Dan Krech, Matt Headrick, Mark Phillips

Technical Contributions: Celeste Fowler, Charlie Gunn, Stephanie Mason, Linus Upson, Scott Wisdom

Written by: David Ben-Zvi, Matt Headrick, Silvio Levy, Delle Maxwell, Tamara Munzner, Bill Thurston

Still Images: George Francis

Audio Post-Production, Sound Design, and Mix: Hudson-Forrester Studios, Inc.

Narration: Karen McNenny, Paul de Cordova

Video Post-production: Lamb & Company

Video Editing: Audrey Robinson

Video Technical Assistance: Scott Gaff

Sponsors: National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, University of Minnesota, Minnesota Technology Inc.

Software: Custom, RenderMan, Softimage, Mathematica, Geomview, Perl

Hardware: Silicon Graphics

Copyright 1994 The Geometry Center

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