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Mpeg Player for UNIX

This image is from The Shape of Space, the Geometry Center's latest production video, based on Jeff Weeks' book. The 11-minute video and supplementary classroom materials are appropriate for middle school and high school mathematics students. Click on the picture to view the movie (1.5 MB).


Mpeg Player for UNIX

This is an updated version of the original Mpeg Player developed at UC-Berkeley, with a nice graphical user interface.

The versions below were developed here at the University of Minnesota's Geometry Center.

The following versions were ported to other UNIX platforms using the University of Minnesota's Geometry Center's source code:

Other UNIX Viewers

If you are having trouble with mpeg_play, you might want to check out XMPLAY, a UNIX MPeg viewer that doesn't rely upon Motif or the X11 Toolkit. XAnim is another animation program for UNIX that supports, among other things, Quicktime and AVI animations, including sound.
Finally, there are other Unix MPEG players, like MpegTV out there.

Viewers for Windows, Macintosh, and Other Non-UNIX Platforms

Attention: Mpeg Player for UNIX will not work under your operating systems. To find out which MPEG viewer software is recommended for your platform, go to the Configuring your Web Browser to Play MPEG Video page at MPEG.ORG.

Note: Since the viewers listed at MPEG.ORG were not developed at the Geometry Center, we are unable to answer questions about them.

Sample MPEGs

Link to MPEG Description
Outside In (.3 MB) The computer-animated video Outside In, produced at the Geometry Center, explains the amazing discovery, made by Steve Smale in 1957, that a sphere can be turned inside out by means of smooth motions and self-intersections.
Flat Torus I (486K)
Flat Torus II (274K)
Flat Torus III (386K)
View one of a sequence of movies illustrating "The Flat Torus in the Three-Sphere" by Thomas Banchoff.
The Tesseract Demonstration is illustrated through over 20 small- to mid-sized MPEG animations.
The Tesseract - An Animated Introduction to Higher Dimensions, by Olaf Holt. Using MPEG animations, the author leads you step-by-step into the visualization of four dimensions.
Rotating Head (62K) Created using the interactive 3D viewer, Geomview.
Hyperbolic I (69K)
Hyperbolic II (72K)
Hyperbolic III
Yoshiaki Araki's Hyperbolic mpegs.
Red's Nightmare (3.6MB) A stunning animation from IMMD IV, the Department of Computer Science at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany.


The work on the Mpeg Player motif user interface was supported by The Geometry Center at the University of Minnesota.

This version of Mpeg Player relies heavily on the code from the original MPEG Video Software Decoder, written by Lawrence A. Rowe, Ketan Patel, and Brian Smith at the Computer Science Division-EECS, University of California at Berkeley. It in fact, merely an extension to the original decoder, that provides a more friendly user interface.

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