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Pisces is a Platform for Implicit Surfaces and Curves and the Exploration of Singularities. The goal of Pisces is to provide tools for researchers and educators who want to compute the set of points that satisfy some equation. Pisces is potentially useful to mathematicians and scientists in a variety of fields, including algebraic geometry, astrophysics, computer-aided geometric design, and dynamical systems.

By using interactive features of the World-Wide Web, it is possible to run Pisces remotely at the Geometry Center and to have the results of the computation shipped across the Web to any graphics terminal.

Although Pisces can compute implicitly-defined curves in arbitrary dimension and can also compute some implicitly-defined surfaces, this demonstration is restricted to the case of planar curves (that is, zero sets of two-variable functions) in order to simplify the user-interface to Pisces.

Furthermore, Pisces contains five different algorithms that can compute planar level sets, and the user can fully control the way that each algorithm works. In this demonstration, however, we only allow the user to choose from one of two algorithms, and we do not allow the user to alter the parameters for that algorithm.

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