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[Patrick A. Worfolk]
Patrick A. Worfolk, Ph.D.

Title: Postdoctoral fellow
Dates: September 1, 1995 -- June 26, 1997
Currently at: Daniel H. Wagner Associates
E-mail: worfolk@geom.umn.edu
Personal Homepage: http://www.geom.umn.edu/~worfolk/

Activities at the Geometry Center

Patrick's research interests are computational dynamical systems. He worked on dynamical systems projects at the Geometry Center which included dynamic simulation and visualization and computation of two-dimensional invariant manifolds. His interests also include symbolic computation and equivariant bifurcations.


Patrick was a graduate student at Cornell University in the Center for Applied Mathematics. His dissertation was "Instant chaos: an equivariant bifurcation" and was written under the direction of Professor John Guckenheimer. He was one of the original authors of DsTool - a software package for the interactive exploration of dynamical systems.

Before coming to the Geometry Center in September, 1995, Patrick spent a year at Brown University where he worked with Walter Craig and a year at IBM's research lab where he worked with Charles Tresser and Roy Adler.


Ph. D., Applied Mathematics, 1993
Cornell University

M. Sc., Applied Mathematics, 1991
Cornell University

B. Sc., Mathematics, 1988
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Professional Experience


September 1995 -- June 1997, Postdoctoral Fellow
The Geometry Center
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota

1994-1995, Postdoctoral Fellow
Mathematical Sciences Division
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York

1993-1994, Visiting Assistant Professor
Division of Applied Mathematics
Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island


Topological conjugacy of linear endomorphisms of the 2-torus
With R. Adler and C. Tresser. 1995.

Chaotic signal masking with arbitrarily fine recovery
With C. Tresser. IBM T. J. Watson Research Center Research Report, 1995.

Controlling chaos by synchronization
With C. Tresser. IBM T. J. Watson Research Center Research Report, 1995.

An equivariant, inclination flip, heteroclinic bifurcation
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center Research Report, 1994.

Master-slave synchronization from the point of view of global dynamics
With C. Tresser and H. Bass. CHAOS 5(4), 1995.

An integrable normal form for water waves in infinite depth
With W. Craig. Physica D, 84:513-531, 1995.

Zeros of equivariant vector fields: Algorithms for an invariant approach
J. Symbolic Computation 17, 487-511, 1994.

Dynamical systems: Some computational problems
With J. Guckenheimer. In Bifurcations and Periodic Orbits of Vector Fields, NATO ASI Series C, Volume 408, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1993.

Instant chaos
With J. Guckenheimer. Nonlinearity, 5:1211-1222, 1992.

DsTool: Computer assisted exploration of dynamical systems
With A. Back, J. Guckenheimer, M. Myers, and F. Wicklin. Notices of the Amer. Math. Soc., 39(4):303-309, 1992.

Dispersion of reactive species in laminar channel flows: Electrochemical effects
With A. Nadim and M. Pagitsas. PhysicoChem. Hydrodyn., 11:167-186, 1989.

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