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Delle Maxwell

Visitor, The Geometry Center

I am a designer and artist residing (most of the time, at any rate) in Princeton, New Jersey. My interest at the Geometry Center is in computer animated visualization videos. These are created in order to illustrate mathematical concepts which have previously been difficult to imagine or impossible to model with "real world" materials.

I have been associated with the two large-scale video productions made at the Geometry Center-"Not Knot" (1991) and most recently "Outside In", completed in 1994. In both of these videos I served as Art Director and as an animator. "Outside In" features a student and a teacher in a visual dialogue about the process of a sphere eversion-turning a sphere inside out without poking a hole in it. "Not Knot" illustrates recent theorems in the mathematics of knots and knot complements. It was shown at SIGGRAPH in 1991, and was also awarded the 1991 Scientific Computer Graphics award at NICOGRAPH, in Tokyo, Japan. This video also won an "Auszeichnung" for animation at Prix Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria, in 1992.

Previously, I have worked as an animator at Pacific Data Images, where my work received an Emmy nomination and Broadcast Designer's Association awards. Prior to that I worked in Tokyo at NHK television where I created a computer animated narrator for the year-long television series entitled "Warnings from the 21st Century". I received my BFA from Rhode Island School ofDesign and my MS from the MIT Architecture Machine Group (now the Media Lab).

Feel free to send me email at maxwell@geom.umn.edu if you have any questions about the process of directing and animating a large-scale visualization project.

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