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[Oliver Goodman]
Oliver Goodman

Title: Post-Doctoral Fellow
Dates: March 23, 1992 - September 15, 1994
Currently at: University of Melbourne, Australia
E-mail: oag@geom.umn.edu
Personal Homepage:

Activities at the Geometry Center

Pariwrap C++ wrapper for the package Pari. Pari is a calculator and library of functions for doing all manner of useful calculations. In particular it is able to do arithmatic in algebraic number fields. Pariwrap tries to make Pari easier to use by defining a class pari which can be manipulated almost like any other built-in C type such as double. pariwrap1.2.tar.Z 19K.

Snap based on Jeff Weeks' program SnapPea for computing hyperbolic structures and invariants of hyperbolic 3-manifolds. Snap makes use of Pari's high precision arithmatic and number theoretic functions to compute invariant trace fields See Neumann, Hodgson et.al. in Topology '90, Proceedings of the Research Semester in Low Dimensional Topology at Ohio State University. Berlin New York: de Gruyter 1992, for information about invariant trace fields and arithmetic invariants of 3-manifolds in general. snap1.2.tar.Z 768K.

TightSpan Mathematica package for computing tight spans of finite metric spaces. The tight span of a metric space is (roughly) the smallest contractible path geodesic metric space into which the original space embeds isometrically. The package also contains Mathematica functions to compute intersections of half-spaces in any dimension and functions to compute the face lattice of a polytope. See the enclosed README for further details and references. tightspan1.0.tar.Z 17.6K.

Mathpad is an installable external package for Iris Mathematica users. Mathpad provides the user of Mathematica with interactive graphics, a facility which is missing from basic Mathematica. It contains two items: a program which runs alongside Mathematica with a window open in which graphics can be displayed, and a package which aids interaction with the graphics program. mathpad1.0.tar.Z 33.6K.

Hyperbolic.m Mathematica package for carrying out computations in n-dimensional hyperbolic geometry and displaying 2- and 3-dimensional results visually in a variety of models.

CirclePack.m Mathematica package to compute circle packings on geometric surfaces. Those interested in circle-packings should look at Ken Stephenson's much more extensive (UNIX/X-windows) package of the same name.

Geomview conformal model Designed and initially implementated Geomview's Poincare ball model view of hyperbolic 3-space. Geomview is a multi-purpose, multi-platform, free, geometric visualization program. One of its unique features is the ability to view geometric structures in spherical and hyperbolic geometry as well as the more familiar euclidean kind.


Dr. Goodman received his PhD in mathematics from Warwick University, England in 1989. After that he spent two years in industry working for IBM UK, about two and a half years at the Geometry Center a couple of months in Melbourne, Australia and one year at the University of Bielefeld.

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