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Paul Burchard

Title: Post-Doctoral Fellow
Dates: September 8, 1992 - August 27, 1994
Currently at: Princeton University
E-mail: burchard@geom.umn.edu
Personal Homepage: http://www.geom.uiuc.edu/~burchard/

Activities at the Geometry Center

Dr. Burchard's main goal in coming to the Center was to begin the design and implementation of a flexible software system, CADiff, for differential geometry. After a process of careful research into design issues, he embarked on implementing the core functionality of this system. In addition, Dr. Burchard developed CRSolver, an interactive application for experimenting with conformal mapping, complex analytic functions, and meromorphic sections of line bundles on Riemann surfaces of genus one. While at the Center, Dr. Burchard also designed and implemented W3Kit, the toolkit responsible for the rich variety of interactive geometry that you can enjoy on this server.

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