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Important Geometry Center EMail Addresses:

Generic address for correspondence with the Geometry Center about administrative issues, or about anything not falling into the categories of the other addresses in this list.

For questions related to software which the Geometry Center has developed and distributes, including but but not limited to Geomview.

This is the Geomview user mailing list, which users of Geomview can use to communicate with each other. Mail to this address goes to everyone on the list; currently several hundred people around the world.

For requests to be added to or removed from the geomview-users mailing list.

For letters telling us how our software or other materials are being used.
See the the request for comments for more information.

For questions and comments related to the Geometry Center's anonymous ftp archive on geom.math.uiuc.edu.

For questions and comments related to the Geometry Center's Web pages.

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