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Stress Management and Professional Support Strategies
for First-Year Teachers and Their Mentors

Perceived Need for the Module

A truism in teaching is that regardless of the quality of their training in their chosen subject area or the depth of their commitment to the profession, no teacher ever can be fully prepared for the complexity of the human issues and problems that their students will bring to school-and, often, to them-every day. The stresses of the job are serious issues which must be addressed by all teachers, and for which new teachers typically are not adequately prepared when entering the profession.

This project is intended both to nurture new teachers in their demanding new roles as well as to provide stress management, self-care, and professional survival skills which will serve them and prevent burnout throughout their careers. In addition, by involving first-year teachers in an ongoing supportive dialogue with their mentors about effective, positive coping strategies, the project will positively impact the ongoing renewal and vitality of mentors. This personal and collaborative work, in tum, will have a positive impact on the students and the overall school culture, as cited in INTASC Disposition 10.25 (The teacher is willing to work with other professionals to improve the overall Teaming environment for students). If each teacher is well, then their classrooms and their schools also are more likely to be well.

Up: Proposals Currently Funded

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