The Mandelbrot Set


  • Evaluate the function at that point:
    1stanswer = (choice)2 + (choice).
  • Now iterate, that is, put this answer back into the function:
    2nd answer = (1stanswer)2 + (choice).
  • Do this until the (nth answer) is the same as the ((n - 1)th answer).
  • This means that the point stays in that position for every iterate after. Some points hop between points. If it is within a particular radius of the origin, then it is in the set.

    point zn zn2 + z0 answer
    z0=1 ? ? z1
    z1 ? ? z2
    z2 ? ? z3
    z3 ? ? z4

    Use the complex plane to plot the orbit. Check your answers.

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