Instructions for TesselMania!


Click the box labeled "INSTRUCTIONS" in the bottom left of the screen. This will bring you to page 1 of the instructions. Read each page before clicking the "NEXT" box.

Page 1: This page explains and introduces TesselMania! Click "NEXT."

Page 2: Definition of Tessellations; Seeing tessellations around you. Click "NEXT."

Page 3: Intro to Escher, which was discussed in an earlier part of this web project. TesselMania! can be used to make origional tessellations. Click "NEXT."

Page 4: Three kinds of geometric moves or transformations.

Pages 5 and 6 will be skipped. Click on "NEXT" to go to page 7.

Page 7: This shows tools used to make TesselMania! work. Click "NEXT."

Page 8: This shows the paint tiles used to tile the plane in TesselMania!. Click "NEXT."

Page 9: This show more tools used in TesselMania!. Click "NEXT."

Page 10: This explains the tools used in TesselMania!. Click "NEXT."

Page 11: Edit tiles. This shows how to construct and tile a plane in Tesselation fashion. Click "DONE."


After clicking on the "DONE" box on page 11 you can watch the series of tessellations again and fill in anything on the worksheet that you missed before.