Final Project for TesselMania!


On the TessalMania! window click "NEW."

The next screen has six different transformations shown. The top three are the ones that have been introduced before; Translations, Rotations, and Glide Reflection. Highlight one of the top three. Click "SHOW ME" and observe all three. Then click "OK."

Use the boxes "SHOW ME," "EXAMPLE," "GO BACK," and "OK" to make your own tessellation.

TesselMania! gives you the option to start with different shapes and use various transformations. Use these options, as well as, a variety of colors to make different tessellations that look interesting to you. If you don't like something, start over. If you make something you like, chose another option and make another one.

Be artistic, be creative, and remember, TesselMania! is fun.