SnapPea 3.0
Download Instructions

This development release is intended mainly for Unix users (especially Linux), although other users can use it too if they are willing to compile the source code. Eventually I hope to provide ready-to-run Macintosh and Windows versions of SnapPea 3.0.

  1. Make sure you have Python on your computer. To test for Python on a Unix machine, type "python" at the prompt; if Python is installed, an interactive session will begin (type control-D to quit). If you don’t have Python, go to the Python web site and download a copy.

  2. Download the SnapPeaPython package that’s right for your computer and operating system.

  3. SnapPea 3.0 is now ready to use. Please see the instructions for using the graphical user interface or the scripting interface.

Questions? Suggestions? Problems?
Contact Jeff Weeks.